Photo: Steffen Kugler / Interner Experten-Workshop im Bundeskanzleramt 2011

Here I’d like to share some special projects I’ve been involved in, in think tanks and task forces dealing with topics around sustainable development.



Vision Process for Austrian Economy 2032

Together with Austrian and international experts I was contributing to a Vision 2032 for Austria. The Austrian Wirtschaftsbund (Austrian Business Federation) initiated this process to gain vision for the Austrian economy for the year 2032.[/showmore]


Logo_clubofromeGrowth 2.0

One of the milestones of sustainable development was the first report to the CLUB OF ROME, which was published more than 40 years ago. Ever since the discussion around “limits to growth” has continued, in recent years taken up by the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi commission, the Enquete Comission of the German Bundestag and other initiatives. I was leading an initiative of the German Chapter of the CLUB OF ROME to contribute to this discussion by the paper “Growth? Yes, please, but 2.0!” (paper available only in German): „Wachstum? Ja, bitte – aber 2.0!“


logo_DeutschlandsZukunftExpert Dialogue of German Chancellor Merkel

In 2011 and 2012 German Chancellor Angela Merkel arranged a dialogue about the future of Germany. The idea was to get independent advice on policy options in the time frame 5-10 years. I was leading the task force “Sustainble Business and Growth” and took part as a member in the task force on “Welfare, Quality of Life and Progress”.

Some of the suggestions of this dialogue made it to the coalition treaty of the current government. For instance, our suggestion to develop a “meta-label” for sustainable products – a product label which should span the entire value chain of a product and demand minimum standards in all categories of sustainability (effect on people, planet, and profit).

An English translation is available here: Merkel’s Expert Dialogue_Suggestions_short_eng.