About myself

Foto: Jens Schulze

How can we improve people’s lives without compromising the future? What’s the role of business in that? How can companies contribute to a more sustainable development for their various stakeholders? What kind of regulatory framework can help foster such developments and set the right incentives?

For quite some time now I’ve been concerned with this kind of questions – in fairly different roles. Sustainability brings together knowledge and ethics, theoretical insights and practical imperatives. A sustainable development is thus always both responsibility and opportunity.


Career Milestones

Future-oriented research, teaching and management of sustainability are closely related and cross-fertilizing each other. Since 2004 I’ve been working at SAP, as Senior Researcher Sustainability, later as product manager for Sustainability and Risk Management. Today I’m with SAP Services as Chief Sustainability Architect, heading the sustainability community within SAP’s business consulting unit.

In addition to that I teach Sustainability and Global Change as Honorary Professor at Clausthal University of Technology, and Corporate Sustainability as recurring Guest Professor at the MBA-School of Saarland University, both in Germany.

In my leisure time I support the work of the CLUB OF ROME, to which I’m associated.


Academic Background

Starting off from the Faustian question of what holds together the world at heart, I first studied physics and philosophy, later theology. Having studied the relationship of science and religion for some time, I was led to the imperative of a responsible handling of creation. I’ve now been involved in topics of sustainability for the last 15 years.


2007 SAP Research Award

2005 Award of the Franzke Foundation of University of Technology of Beriln for my thesis on networking

2002 Development Grant of the Center for Theology & Natural Sciences, Berkeley, CA

2001 European Award of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, CA

1999 Doctoral Research Scholarship des Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, N.J.